Sunday, April 12, 2015

XMAS 2014 AD


XMAS 2014 AD

First of all what does the "X" mean in Xmas? Check this link out. Its pretty accurate, as I fact-checked numerous sites on King Google. Here it is:
Well, while doing this, thought I'd check out AD & BC & BCE. Lookee @ this link here and then I will get on with this post:

Now that we are clear on this title, how was your Xmas? Did you do your shopping the day after Xmas last year, or did you run around on Xmas Eve like I have done in the past? Maybe you're in between or like a good little consumer you did most of it on Black Friday? I joke here...
Gas prices, consumer mass spending, knowing my readers are pretty sharp cookies, Kim helping me out of ptsdville, don't trust lying politicians, new years resolutions, the bus phenomenon, Niagara's party, new camera, Cartman, Eddie izzard, , losing Patrice and Kim's help.

Fox News Earth is too provincial for my taste, I'd rather live in the milky way, and the future rather than the past, there is such a thing as time travel like black hole, my hobby is Cosmology and Nascar and past wars, and zero, nada, zip, null space, goose egg, add more, remembering Detroit Free Press Columnist Bob Talbert etc , light speed, propulsion systems, going to Mars, mining asteroids, just so much cotton candy, and chinese food, the film Lucy and Scarlett Johansson  gets 20 million, Fury too Breakig Bad, Randolph's movie phone call   Jim, Em Greg, call Tek at noon Tuesday, cart and camera,the lansihg affair, playing KURMO STLE DR sing only 10%L,why we humans have big brains when we only use 10%, look up on net, links galore,

now new year

proof of reincarnation scientifically:

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