Sunday, April 12, 2015


We had a ton of really great peeves! But the big winner is Al King:

1. The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. who in the fuck is running that operation? They wouldnt know Rock if it hit em upside side the head with a Roll.

2. People that think the internet is a real place.

3. People that talk shit on the internet, where I'm from if you said half the shit to folks to there face as you do on the internet, you would get smacked a few times over again.

4. People that correct my spelling when they clearly get the point of what I'm saying in a an email. I'm a Drummer, I count, in time, better than most.

5. People that get me off the point of what I'm trying to say by forming a different opinion than me just for the sake of arguing because THEY are bored.

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