Monday, April 13, 2015


We love this photo was tagged by Tommy Tucciarone today from Sara Josephson Porth's album "Photos"

We love fan photos so please if you have any from the DKT/MC5 tours or back in the day please email those in to us! Please send along a paragraph or two (back story) on how the photo was obtained, time and date etc. We will post the stories as they come in.

We also found a great review on Pop Matters we thought you might like to read on a lazy Sunday...

By Adam Williams
PopMatters Associate Music Editor

Most music aficionados know the mighty MC5 for their “Kick out the jams, motherf*****s!” rallying cry and from the folklore surrounding the band’s fiery rise and fall. True historians however, understand that the 5 were not just a quintet of hard rocking musical revolutionaries, but an entity grounded in precise musicianship and armed with a penchant for sonic exploration.

Their music was an amalgam of psychedelia, R&B, jazz, and everything else available at the time, and it provided inspiration for the countless artists following in their footsteps. Detroit’s star-spangled bad boys were avant-rock long before Yes and King Crimson, and without any of the artsy pretension.

Thus, when surviving members Michael Davis, Wayne Kramer, and Dennis Thompson reconvened in 2003/2004 as DKT/MC5, the focus was on celebrating their music with a roster of guest performers, all of whom bore divergent creative pedigrees. The result was an acclaimed world tour, all paying tribute to a glorious musical time past, but with modern day flavor. For 2005, DKT returned with a similar plan, but a different line-up, each yielding even greater results. Read full review HERE

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