Thursday, February 1, 2018


Recently had the pleasure of returning to WSU at the invitation of professor ML Liebler to speak to his creative writing class and the jazz students as well.

Fielded questions from the students about my past career and future endeavors.

Back in the day...I could only complete a year and 1 quarter as I had to make the decision to stay at WSU or go on tour with my band the MC5

The opportunity to return to WSU to present a drum clinic and field questions from the classes made me feel like I had come full circle. As I had earned my PHD in ROCK N ROLL!

Thanks go to WSU, professor ML Liebler and the Creative Writing & Jazz students for making this a really enlightening educational experience for both myself and the classes. I absolutely had a great time...Thanks again to ML Liebler for inviting me to speak to his students...-D

*Special thanks to Kim Maki ( for the photos and video clip.

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